A strange world

Inspired by H.G Wells and Hieronymus Bosch, our works give the viewers an old-world charm mixed with sci-fi and horror elements, sometimes with nightmarish visuals. Recurring themes in our pictures are general vintage aesthetics, USSR soviet aesthetics, mutations, space, fear, and strange situations. Each piece has thought-provoking messages about society, relationships, and everyday life.

Design & workflow

We carefully design our art to be eye-catching and look good in unique spaces for decades. Our customers love how our art immediately catches the attention of viewers, being excellent conversation starters.

Our art creation process involves a series of traditional and digital imaging steps. We start each design on a literal drawing board, sketching up initial ideas for composition. This is followed by finding real-world locations we will photograph, typically with a 50mm prime lens. For most of our artworks, we use real-world locations as settings and backdrops. After having our background, characters and items such as monsters, skeletons, and other elements will be added. The distinct look of our picture is created by an AI-assisted image manipulation system.

Product quality

Designed in Europe. Made in America. We are a Malta (EU) based art studio with printing and fulfillment centers in 12 locations across the US.

  • Unique canvas coating that produces the highest quality images using UL-certified Greenguard Gold inks
  • The canvas prints are stretched on our proprietary profile radial pine produced from use wood from FSC-certified renewable forests
  • Canvas is printed using latex inks that are non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Rubber dots on the bottom of the canvas ensures the canvas stays in place when hung

Buy NFTs

Most of our artworks are also available as NFT on OpenSea. In case you wish to purchase an NFT version of our art, then we can mint it for you and transfer it to your wallet.

NFT technology is the future of trading art. We believe that the currently trending memes and avatars are passing trends of short-sighted opportunism, and items with artistic values will dominate this space within a couple of years.