Creating A Classic Look: How Our Art is Made?

Women and contrasts are very common elements in visual arts. In this post, you can follow how we created one of our masterpieces, about two beautiful women standing in a ruined room.

All our artwork starts with photography. Most artists would agree that the background is probably the most important element of a composition. We have been traveling for hours to find this ruined house, a location just as we imagined.

Dirty, ruined, and grim looks are crucial parts of our aesthetics so to make the scene look worse, we edited it to look like the below. The angles have been adjusted, exposure down, and structure and details turned up. Check the lights, and added shadows – it looks creepy AF. A perfect backdrop for our beautiful models.

It’s time for beauty to be added to the picture. We used two female models in bikini bottoms, one showing her back while the other looking back over her shoulder. Notice the tonal contrast between the background and their skin color. It’s crucial to make them clearly separated from the background.

Here comes the most interesting part, where we experiment with various manual and AI image manipulation techniques. Normally we create between 10 to 15 versions of a picture before selecting the best version to be uploaded.

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