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Surrealist Wall Art

Surrealism is an artistic and literary movement that gained momentum in the mid-twentieth century Europe. It has a lot of followers today and is defined as a combination of the surreal and the real. Basically, the former refers to the manifestation of strange ideas, while the latter denotes the sensory and interpretive realities encountered in the physical world. In other words, the two concepts are mutually exclusive yet still complement one another.

Surrealist artists employed a number of common objects in strange and new ways. For instance, Paul Klee used a saw to create vibrant and intricate paintings. This is because saws are often associated with harsh realities, making them an ideal tool for transforming them into something more sublime. Other popular surrealist subjects include Stonehenge, the human body and even drinking tea. The latter topic is particularly relevant since many people find it difficult to incorporate Saw Teas into their daily routines. However, they are perfect for serving as artistic inspiration when used creatively.

In addition to using ordinary objects in unconventional ways, surrealist artists also used symbolism in their works. Most works of this type use religious figures in their designs as well as other complex subject matter such as psychology or philosophy. Some of these works have a dreamlike or ethereal feel to them which makes them perfect for bedrooms or living rooms. A good example of this genre is Piet Mondrian’s paintings of blue rectangles with white grids in them. The blue and white hues stand for respectively sky blue and white light, giving these works an ethereal feel that is perfect for soothing sleep disorders or troubled minds.

Another great thing about surrealist art is that it can be applied anywhere you want to add a unique aesthetic touch to your space. You can hang surrealist wall art in your living room or bedroom to add some much-needed color and life to your space. Stylistically similar pieces include abstract paintings, artworks with symbolism and zen meditation themes to name a few. They are also great additions to your bookshelf since they look great displayed together in stacks on each shelf level.
Surrealist art has gained immense popularity over the past few decades due to its aesthetic appeal and versatility. This is especially true for surrealist wall art that is perfect for any bedroom or living room décor needs you may have. Plus, surrealist works can be applied practically anywhere you want to add a little zing to your mundane existence.

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