How Our Art Is Created From Photography to Post Processing

First of all, thank you for showing interest in our art. We are glad to have you here on our website and hope you enjoy browsing around.

We are getting many questions about our art creation process, so we decided to explain the workflow as simply as possible. To demonstrate a simplified version of the process, we will create an artwork just for this post.

You might have noticed the settings and backdrops of our artworks are quite realistic despite being “surrealized”. It’s because these images are based on real-world locations. Most of our art includes plenty of real-world elements.

When conceptualizing a picture, we start at a literal drawing board to sketch up what the composition should be. Then we will explore suitable locations and arrange any models or props for the initial photography

Once we have a couple of photos, we will add further elements to the picture such as skeletons, lizards, monsters, or anything required for the final composition. We use Adobe Illustrator but could use any other tools. It does not matter.

Once we have the final composition of our image, we move on to the final processing steps to bring our distinct look and feel to the artwork.

We have trained our AI to modify images predictably, following simple prompts and instructions. In most cases, we use AI to disfigure characters or to give pictures a dirty, ruined look.

The whole creation process of one artwork takes approximately 4 to 6 hours. Composing and photography take around 30% of the time, while the rest is spent on digital processing and experimentation.

Throughout the whole procedure, we keep complete control over how the art should look, AI is only used for repetitive tasks that would take unnecessary time.

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